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We have some changes this year:

Please note where the concerts will be held and phone number to call for tickets!
More about the changes on the News page.

Welcome back!! 

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If you click on the underlined dates listed for the concerts you will be taken to the "Concert Dates" page where you can find the date, pictures of the groups, and a brief description of the event.

The economy has shown it's ugly side to even the Followers of GOD; therefore, we will not have as many concerts or dinners as we have in the past.  Please bear with us as we all go through these rough times.


July 29 - August 5, 2012  Smith Island Camp Meeting
We have a GREAT time with the people on Smith Island, you should join us sometime!
Yes, it is an island, the only way you can get there is by boat! (There is a charge for the boat ride).  There are places on the island you can eat and enjoy the fellowship of the people and area.  July 29 Charlotte Richie
August 5 the Crist Family will be on the Island.

September 21, 2012  at 7PM Denton Wesleyan Camp 410-822-7689
The Pfeifers will be on stage this night!! 

September 22, 2012 at 4PM Denton Welseyan Camp 410-822-7689
Benefit Concert for HOSPICE on DelMarVa. 
See details on Concert Dates page.

There are times when a concert will pop up, so keep watching the site and if you have not given us your email please do so.   When a concert is short notice we send an email out.

To order tickets, call the phone number posted for each concert,
they will tell you how to get the tickets.

  "Singing By The Wayside"

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